Taking Note Of The Benefits Offered With Professional EMDR Therapy

When you have experienced a traumatic event, you may find that traditional talk therapy offers little emotional and mental relief. You may actually experience more trauma by rehashing what happened and having to talk about it over and over again.

Instead, you may prefer a fast and effective way to heal from your psychological anguish. Your solution could be to undergo a treatment like EMDR therapy to address mental and emotional pain.

Fast Results

When you undergo EMDR therapy with a mental health professional who is trained in it, you may find you feel better and can begin to resolve what happened to you relatively quickly. It may only take a few sessions with your therapist for you to notice an improvement in your mood and an easing of symptoms like anxiety and panic.

You may even notice the results are faster than what you previously achieved in talk therapy. You may be able to complete your EMDR therapy program and move on with your life in months rather than years.

Less Talking

Further, EMDR therapy may involve less talking than traditional counseling. You may not want to spend an entire hour listening to yourself talk and rehash what happened to you. You may prefer to engage in therapeutic activities that accompany EMDR therapy.

This type of therapy can involve you squeezing a soft item or using light buttons to push and direct your attention to them while you talk to your therapist. You may focus more on the objects in your hand than your own talking, which can minimize how much detail you have to go into and spare yourself having to rehash over and over again the events of the past.

Effective for Anxiety and Panic Disorder

Finally, when you suffer frequently from panic attacks and anxiety because of past trauma, you know what a challenge it can be to leave your house or carry out a normal routine. You want to go back to living a regular life without experiencing these symptoms.

EMDR therapy may help you ease these symptoms and get back to a normal routine. You may suffer fewer attacks and retrain your brain with EMDR therapy.

EMDR therapy can offer numerous benefits that traditional talk therapy lacks. It can provide faster and more effective results in helping you heal from trauma. It can also involve less talking and relieve symptoms like anxiety and panic attacks.