Suboxone Treatment: What It Does And Who It's For

There are many drug abuse and substance abuse counseling methods available to benefit those that need them. Suboxone treatment in a counseling center can be one of them.

To best learn what is right for your care and family, explore the available options. Learn more about Suboxone treatment in your area and if it can benefit you.

It's a controlled drug and medication

One of the biggest challenges that people have when quitting an addiction is the pain and withdrawal of going through quitting. Suboxone is a prescribed medication comprised of two helpful drugs to help reduce cravings and support a person going through an opioid addiction get through recovery most successfully.

This isn't the first or only prescription medication for those trying to overcome addiction, but it might be less addictive than other methods that are available. This is a prescription-only drug and can become addictive without supervision or progress, and is not intended to be a work-alone tactic to battle drug addiction.

Speak about crave-reducing medications for drug addiction with your doctor or substance abuse counselor. You may only be able to use medications of this sort if you are also in a drug treatment program or counseling program, if applicable.

Who this medication is for

If you have an addiction to opioids or you have had difficulties quitting a heavy addiction in the past, then you may be prescribed Suboxone treatment in your regimen for quitting now. Also, if you have unsuccessfully tried quitting substances using other medications, then this medication might be prescribed to you to assist you. It's all dependent upon what your general doctor and drug counselor recommend for you specifically because what works for one recovering addict might not work for another.

Where you can get this medication

This type of medication is available via prescription by an authorized counselor, therapist, or doctor. You cannot buy this medication over the counter or on the streets, and if you do find Suboxone on the streets or someone offers it to you, don't take it. Your health insurance may help you with your costs regarding this prescription so you have the best chance of challenging your addiction head-on.

There are many resources available to you regarding drug addiction, and you don't have to go through recovery alone. Share your concerns, fears, and hopes regarding drug recovery with your counselor so you can recover well and leave your addiction behind you as much as possible.