Is Intensive Outpatient Therapy Right For You?

Many addiction centers offer programs known as intensive outpatient therapy (IOP). These programs cater to people who want to break addictions to drugs or alcohol, and anyone can sign up for one. An IOP program requires a fair amount of time and offers effective results for someone who really wants to stop using drugs or alcohol. If you have an addiction, you might wonder if an intensive outpatient therapy program is right for you. Here are several factors to consider as you decide if you should enroll in a program.

The Severity of Your Addiction

The first thing to consider is the severity of your addiction, and you will need to be honest with yourself as you consider this first factor. How long have you held this addiction? What are you addicted to, and how much do you use daily? If you have a very severe addiction, an inpatient program might work better for you. If you do not believe you need an inpatient program, an IOP might be a good choice for your situation.

Your Current Lifestyle

Secondly, it might be helpful to consider your current lifestyle. Are you a functioning addict? In other words, are you holding a job and managing your current family situation well? If so, you might benefit from an IOP program. If you cannot hold a job and do not have a stable home environment, you might need a program that is more intense than an IOP. You can talk to an addiction center if you have more questions about this factor.

Your Goals and Motivation Level

The next thing to consider is your goals and motivation level. How motivated are you to stop your addiction? Is someone forcing you to get help, or are you getting help because you have a strong desire to stop? If you really want to break your addiction, an IOP program can help you succeed with this goal.

The Way IOPs work

The final factor to consider is the way an IOP program works. Most IOP programs require visiting an addiction center three to five times a week for a few hours each time. You might have to agree to random drug tests, and they might assign homework. You will take classes while you are there and meet with groups of people to discuss your addiction and how to break it.

As you consider these things, you might decide that an IOP program is right for you. If you would like more information about these programs, contact an addiction center in your city.