Learning How To Cope With Anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety then you know how debilitating it can be. Anxiety can control many areas of your life if it gets out of control. It can even leave you not wanting to leave the house, answer the phone, answer the door or even check the mail. Your relationships with others can be compromised and you can have a hard time adjusting to surroundings outside your normal routine. You may also find you get very anxious in certain situations, such as when you are grocery shopping or even when you are going over bills or trying to plan out dinner. This article will provide you with some tips that may help you get a better handle on your anxiety:

Cut all stimulants out of your diet

Anything that is a stimulant, such as soda, coffee, tea or foods with a good amount of sugar are considered to be stimulants. You want to do your best to cut these types of foods and drinks out of your daily diet as much as possible. Stimulants will add to your anxiety if you consume too much, which may be a very small amount depending on your body and what it can handle.

Work around your triggers

Learn what tends to trigger your anxiety the most and figure out ways to work around those things. For example, if checking the mail tends to trigger your anxiety, then you may want to let a family member check the mail and if there is something important in there then they can gently let you know when they see you are in a more stable mindset. Or, you can check the mail three times a week instead of everyday. Checking it a few times a week isn't going to cause any problems, but it gives you four days in the week where you don't have to deal with that anxiety.

Get a dog

If possible, consider getting a dog. They can be great stress relievers and there are even service dogs that are trained to help you recognize when you are going to have an anxiety attack and they help you pull out of it by doing what helps, whether that be sitting on your lap, licking your face, etc. If you decide to just get a pet rather than a service dog, you really should have it go through obedience training so it is well behaved.

Get anxiety therapy

Getting help by going to anxiety therapy is one of the best things you can do. You will get help with regards to all aspects of your anxiety, such as finding out the root causes and working through those issues, learning what a lot of your triggers are and learning coping skills you can apply to avoid anxiety attacks and calm down faster when you have one.

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