Just Found Out You Cannot Have Children? Tips To Help You Cope

Whether you have been trying to get pregnant for some time or you have yet to try to have children, the news that you are unable to have a baby of your own can be absolutely devastating. If you have recently found out that you cannot have children, whether it is due to a medical condition like PCOS, endometriosis, thyroid issues, or uterine tumors, the news may have deeply affected you in ways that you may not have thought it would. While there are no easy solutions to what you are feeling and dealing with, there are numerous ways that you can begin to cope with your loss and the process of recovering from those feelings. Get to know some of these coping mechanisms so you can get started as soon as possible.

Find a Good Mental Health Counselor

When you are dealing with the psychological effects of being told that you cannot have children, it is natural to have strong emotional reactions. However, it is also important that you learn to cope with some of these emotions, especially if they are overwhelming or endure for a prolonged period of time.

Depression and anxiety are both common mental health disorders among women with conditions such as hypothyroidism, PCOS, and the like. These mental health conditions can also develop as a reaction to the news of being unable to bear children. If you are feeling overwhelming sensations of sadness, fatigue and lethargy, anxiety, excessive worry or panic attacks, adult counseling with a therapist or counselor can help you to deal with your depression and anxiety.

Even if you do not have these diagnosed conditions, talking to a counselor can help you to process your feelings and thoughts and give you ways to manage your stress and channel your feelings into productive activities. In addition to your individual adult counseling, couples counseling may be beneficial if you have a partner that is having a difficult time with the news as well.

Find a Way to Channel Your Maternal Energy If You Wish

Many women that find they cannot have children have a great deal of maternal energy and a desire to be a mother. While bearing children is not an option, there are other ways to channel your maternal energy if you wish. If you have a niece, nephew, or other young family member that lives nearby, you may want to spend more time with them and be a bigger part of their life. This can be a fulfilling process and allow you to be an important figure in a child's life.

Another option, albeit quite different, is to become a pet parent. Adopting a dog or cat is not the same as having a human child, but it can help you in a number of ways. Not only do pets allow you to feel and act maternal, but they can actually help with the anxiety and depression you may be feeling. Having a pet gives you a specific reason that you have to get up and get moving every day. They need to be fed, given water, let outside, and played with every day. This gives you something to occupy your time and energy as you are coping with your new life situation.

With these coping tips in mind, you can better begin to deal with the news that you cannot have children and move forward with your life.